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Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial business owners know that their business is one of their biggest lifetime investments, that is why it should be at utmost important to keep their business both safe and secure. Commercial business owners should make it a priority to keep a certified and reliable commercial locksmith like Keys Plus Locksmith Hollywood, FL on speed…
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When A Price Seems Too Good To Be True, It Usually Is!

When A Price Seems Too Good To Be True, It Usually Is! [well] Hillsborough County encourages people to be careful with locksmiths.[/well] This issue discussed in this Pinellas County news article is all to common nationwide, including right here in South Florida. Here at Keys Plus Locksmith Hollywood FL we receive hundreds of phone calls…
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Is it time to ditch your keys?

  Is it time to ditch your keys? Technology is in the forefront of most peoples lives today. It is a rarity now-a-days to see a person without the latest iPhone, Tablet or Bluetooth enabled device. So one would think it would be only natural for this high tech technology to slowly take over the…
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10 Basic Tips for Home Security

At Keys Plus Locksmith Hollywood, FL we believe that home security should be a priority to South Floridians. These 10 easy steps should be followed to assure that you home is safe for yourself and your family. Outoors:  Have exterior lighting, motion sensor activated lights, and cameras are a PLUS! Maintain your landscaping. Keep bushes…
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